trance body clear.pngTrance Body Healing

Transcending Limitations

Transfixing Healing Potential

Phil Young

phil_TBH.jpgA master of Tai Chi Chuan, Phil is an outstanding healer and an International presenter on energy, health and consciousness. Co-director of Masterworks International, he is a former president of the American Polarity Therapy Association and the author of core texts on Polarity Therapy and Hawaiian Huna. Phil has explored shamanic states and healing with Dr Richard Bandler and Dr Harry Howell.

A series of life altering shamanic experiences in the early ‘80s has given Phil first hand knowledge of the power of altered states of consciousness. This understanding has infused both his therapy work and his private life since then. His experience as a body worker and as an energy master gives him a unique understanding of the interaction of the body, mind and energy and the importance of trance states to the process of healing.  

Phil offers private session in trance body healing in Cork City, Ireland call to book on 086 325 2645

Morag Campbell

moragTBH.jpgMorag is an International trainer, therapist and author. She is Co-Director of Masterworks International which runs trainings in Polarity Therapy, Hawaiian Huna and Tai Chi and produces books on therapy and subjects related to the growth of human potential. A gifted wordsmith, Morag has written several books with subjects ranging from our relationship to the natural elements to self help publications. A nature mystic, she has a unique connection to the natural world.

She trained in Hypnosis and NLP in 1985 with The Proudfoot School of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and with the late Ormand McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists,  in order to better understand the trance phenomenon and the part it plays in energetic communication which is a vital part of her life and work.