trance body clear.pngTrance Body Healing

Transcending Limitations

Transfixing Healing Potential

The method is simple: the client lies on a bodywork table and the first part of the session consists of various energy based techniques done on the body with a focus on the chakras and related body parts followed by different kinds of touch based inductions to take the client into deeply altered states of conscious then, whilst sitting at the end of the table by the clients head, the healer gives various verbal instructions to deepen the trance and activate the healing forces within the client through shamanic visualisations using bi-aural technique. 

Healing in all ancient cultures was characterised by a belief in the potency of invisible forces which in the modern world we call "healing energies."

The other potent aspect of Healing work in times past was, in indigenous cultures, vision quests, working with plant and animal spirits and psychic journeying to upper and lower worlds, in ancient Greece similar processes were sought in Temple Sleep and in India in Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. We know all these experiences in the modern world as the process of Trance.

The Body - our physical form is the connecting link between mind and soul.

How the TBH Method evolved

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Touch is the essence of human contact and connection and is the foundation of all healing.

Modern research on trance forms over the last one hundred years has revealed that in certain states of consciousness words are truly magical in their ability to activate the healing potentials in our being and to free use from limitations in our psyche.

Health of both Body, Mind and Soul is the vital quest in everyone's life.

Trance Body Healing is a unique synthesis of these ancient healing practices and incorporates latest advances in the psychobiology of mind/body healing and transformation.